In these times, our most disadvantaged children have been affected the most.
Now more than ever, all our children need to keep learning.
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LNM Trust was registered as a Public Charitable Trust for the purpose of empowering women and children in economically weaker sections of the society. The trust started off with a tailoring class for women and an evening tuition center to improve the academic performance of slum children going to government schools in Kannagi Nagar, Tamil Nadu Slum Rehabilitation colony, Chennai.

What do we do?

It is our objective, in our own small way, to improve the quality of future for economically underprivileged – who invariably turn out to be socially deprived too-children and women through providing a good standard of English medium education by administering co-educational play schools/schools and adult vocational/literacy centers. 

The emphasis is on making the students more proficient in spoken and written English which still happens to be the key to succeed academically and professionally in later life. This is of course in addition to the core curriculum of mathematics and science. Logically we have thought it appropriate to locate these centers only in slum areas for ease of the parents