About LNM Trust

It is our desire to aim and provide a good standard of education to the needy children seeking assistance from the LNM educational trust.

Funds for running LNM to manage the school for its expenses shall be from voluntary donations from public at large.

There shall be careful scrutiny of all transactions. Rules and regulations of the State Governments and Central Government concerning education and NGOs shall be kept in view for strict compliance.

We do hope that people will respond favourably to make the venture a success.

At the outset, it is perhaps essential or necessary to spell out briefly the objectives behind venturing an institutional arrangement called LNM Educational Trust to enter into public activities in the area of providing education to the children of the vulnerable section of the society. This section is chosen because there is no means easily available for imparting education to this section. Who are they? They form the part of the lowest rung of the ladder of the population who may be, also called people below poverty line. To provide education freely to the children of the population of this group is really a noble cause which the LNM Educational Trust considers its main objective.

All education in any class up to class X is deliberately kept free i.e. with no fees and with arrangements for assisting them in the supply of books, note books, pencils and other stationery items required for the full year. Similarly, steps will be taken to provide school uniforms in required numbers.

Though continuous efforts have been going on uninterrupted in various areas including slum areas in the field of providing free education to the needy population it is common knowledge that people in slum areas are yet to see any meaningful change in the availability of infrastructure facilities for schools for them even now. LNM is therefore entering into an area of activities leading to establishing on a firm basis educational facilities free of cost to the needy children.